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Frequently Asked Questions

How large a site do I need?

Each company's individual requirements will dictate how simple or complex their Website needs to be. You may require a simple but pleasant online brochure or a more complex database driven Website. Your budget also plays a part in your decision. Keep in mind, however, that while the price of a professional Website is a major concern, the truth is, it should not be the primary concern. What should be your primary concern is quality. Whether your goal is to increase sales, reduce communication costs, or provide information, we can provide a solution that extends your business to a global audience.

What is a Domain Name and do I need one?

A 'Domain Name' is the name by which a company or organization is known on the internet. It is the basis of your internet identity. A domain name is your unique identity on the internet. Since no two domain names can be identical, it is important to reserve your domain as soon as possible. Over 2,000 domains are registered every day, and with the internet increasing in popularity, now is the time to reserve your domain name.

The purpose of domain names is to allow ordinary users connected to the Internet to find Web sites and send email to addresses with familiar names such as "" or "" without having to memorize the numerical addresses that actually locate the computers or servers on the Internet.

Do I want a 'flashy' site or something more straight forward that loads quickly?

A well designed web site can open many new areas for a small or large business, but just the opposite is also true. The tremendous popularity of the Web led many companies to put sites out with to many bells and whistles, unfortunately they compromised their image. We can help you develop a clean, fast loading and easy to navigate site that YOUR clients will rave about.

Could I design a site myself?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--as long as it is the customer's eye. Chances are you wouldn't design your own ads or brochures. So why would you develop your own Website? Just because you can program in HTML and upload a page does not mean you will produce a quality Website. Consider - if your inexpensive Website is a failure, how much money have you saved? Be professional--go with a professional; it will pay in the long run, and probably in the short run.

How much does a quality Website cost?

The cost of a Website depends on the needs and desires of the owner. We have developed Website with just one page to large sites complete with database. Compare, if you will, a 1/16 page black-and-white ad in the local yellow pages which costs about $3000 per year and a one-sheet, fold-up brochure that might cost between $2000 and $2500! From a cost standpoint, the Website is clearly a winner. To get a general idea of what your Website might cost, click here for an estimate.

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