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Web Design Quote

"How much will a web site cost?" That’s a good question - and just like "How much does an automobile cost?" the answer depends on what you need and the accessories you add. There are expensive, luxury cars and there are economy cars. Both will get you where you’re going, but you may select one based on your budget and needs.

I need a little help, a redesign or a basic website. Less than $500
I need a custom website with a few bells and whistles. $500 - $1000
I need a complex website with many features. $1000+

For an accurate quote, we need your information so we can offer you the best value for your money. Download the Web Development Questionnaire PDF form or complete the questionnaire form below.

Web Development Questionnaire PDF

All websites are created and designed specifically for you and tailored to your marketing needs.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Content Management Websites
  • Website Redesigns and Makeovers
  • Photoshop to Web
  • Website Maintenance
  • Domain Name Registrations
  • Web Hosting
  • Logo Design and Banner Design
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Meta Tag Insertion

Call us today to discuss your unique website requirements. Our websites are always built around your needs and designed to represent you and your business in a positive, attractive manner that captures your customer's attention.

You can arrange a time to talk directly with us by emailing your contact information or call us today at 815-889-4368.

Contact Information

Company Name:   Address:  
Contact Person:   City:  
Email: :


Phone:   Zip Code:  

Domain Name

Do you have a Domain Name? Yes www.
If no, list the top three choices for your domain.
1. www.
2. www.
3. www.

Website Design

Do you have an existing web site and need hosting only?
Do you have a design, which just needs to be formatted into a web site?
Do you need a custom graphical interface for the homepage including buttons, custom graphics and/or logo, standard background and text?
Do you need two or more designs to choose from?
Would you like us to provide hosting service to you?
Will you need email service? If yes, list the email addresses you would like (

Design Preferences

Please list addresses for websites you like or dislike and list the reasons why (please specify elements / features).
Please list addresses for your competition’s websites.
What colors would you like to dominate your site? Light Dark


Does your company have a logo?
If yes, can you provide the logo in digital format?
If no, would you like us to design a logo for you?

Content –
A page is defined as 350 words or less with 1 graphic and appropriate links.

How many pages will you supply in Word or other electronic media?
How many pages will you supply not in digital format?
How many pages of copywriting do you need?

Graphic Features

How many graphics/photographs are in digital form? How many are formatted for the web.
How many photographs or images need to be scanned and formatted?
How many stock photographs need to be integrated?
How many stock photos need to be researched and purchased?
How many mouse-over buttons?


How many standard feedback forms? (up to 12 fields)
How many standard feedback forms? (up to 13 – 25 fields)
How many standard feedback forms? (up to 26+ fields)
Do you need the results data based?
Do you need a CAPTCHA added?
Do you need a thank you page (opens in a small popup window)

Content Management (Content Management System (CMS) enables you to add / edit / delete specific content on your website.)

How many pages will require CMS?
How many of the CMS pages would you like the information to download to MS Access/Excel?
Do you want the ability to upload photos or files?


Would you like a Flash menu?
Would you like a Flash Banner? How many frames?
Would you like a Flash intro page?

Photo Gallery

Would you like a Flash photo gallery?
Would you like the ability to upload photos to the photo gallery?
Do you require more than one photo gallery?

Search Engine Optimization

Would you like your website to be submitted to the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)?
Would you like an optimization assessment?
Would you like an optimization package?

Project Goals and Expectations

What is the most important purpose of your website?
How do you intend to market your website?
Do you have a specific target market?
What is your budget for this project?

Other Features

List the required pages for your website

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  About Us
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