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Star Data Solutions takes the time to determine the exact needs of each client, not the implementation of cookie cutter services. Each project is treated as a separate entity, unique in all aspects.

Database Driven Websites

Database driven administration gives the client flexibility to make changes at any time – all without having to rely on a developer or knowing HTML programming. Dynamic pages make it easier to access and archive information. By using password-protected, content management tools, clients are able to easily update the Web site’s content.

Flash Design

Flash animations are great for catching visitor’s attention and keeping them on the page. Because it is much smaller and faster loading than the equivalent animated GIF, Flash animations can produce much higher quality effects. Using vector-based graphics, Flash animations appear in the proper size for a viewer's screen. Thus, sites can be displayed uniformly on PCs with different sized screens.


The convenience of credit cards, their ability to satisfy instant gratification, and their ability to provide the convenience of shopping from home, have led credit cards to become the most popular method of making online purchases. Many options are available for accepting credit cards.  Choosing which option depends on the client’s needs.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialized process that involves analyzing a website's underlying code, architecture, visible content, and link popularity. No one can guarantee a number one position on a search engine.  However, making enhancements can increase the prominence in the search results.  The process is by no means easy.  It requires a great amount of strategy, time and patience.

Featured Sites

Personal Websites

Utilizing PayPal, the following e-commerce are sites owned, designed and maintained by Star Data Solutions.

Star Data Solutions is currently developing a web site designed to provide a national database where renters can find rentals in all communities, large and small.  The goal is to have listings in every community in the United States.

Designed & Hosted by Star Data Solutions – The website serves as an online catalog, introducing products manufactured locally to nationwide resellers.  The client is able to do all updates in-house while keeping the design integrity intact. – One of the challenges faced when creating a new web design, is selecting artwork that truly captures the spirit and personality of the business. This is especially a challenge when designing a small business website on a tight budget.  The graphic used on this site was created especially for this client and utilized on her business cards as well.

Below are many other sites created and hosted by Star Data Solutions.  Some are database-driven, some have Flash and some have been around since before Star Data Solutions existed however all these site were created by Star Data Solutions’ owner.

Designed by Star Data Solutions – but not hosted

A rose by any other name is still a rose.  Star Data Solutions created and designed the following commissioned websites. They are hosted by the companies who commissioned them. – This site commissioned by a company in Kankakee and therefore bears the signature of Megaplex I. T. Solutions.  Nonetheless, the design and administration was done by Star Data Solutions.  With little effort, the client has the ability to add obituaries, links, and approve condolences.
– This corporate client needed a website that would showcase their work and attract potential customers.  Utilizing Flash, their portfolio is displayed in an easy to navigate format.  In addition they needed a place to share their design plans and keep contractors informed of changes.  Behind the scenes they have an elaborate administration which allows them to upload projects in public or private rooms, update projects and keep project users up to date on the most recent changes all with a few clicks.  Many of these features are automated to make their job a little easier. – Similar to, this client needed a way to share their design plans. Their Content Management System also enables them to upload projects photos and a whole lot more. – The client was extremely pleased with the ease of navigation in the Content Management System created for this site. The CMS contains an easy to use online system that allows the client to open a form, change the information, and see those changes automatically updated on the web site. – Presence on the Web is important even to small businesses. This website uses a clean, simple, easy to navigate approach. Potential guests will quickly find the infomation they need. –It was important to the client that this website appeal to Rock n Roll enthusiasts. The intro page is sure to attract their attention. A Content Management Tool allows the client to easily edit all content and add pages easily.
– Creating a beautiful web design that would equal the elegance of the services offered by this client was no easy chore.  Beyond the Flash intro is the photo gallery which is database-driven.  The client is able to add or delete the pictures and captions to keep their content fresh. In addition, they keep the public informed of their upcoming events, also maintained by the client utilizing the administration. – This site features stock photos taken by Star Data Solutions. As their business grows, they will have the ability to upload photos of their projects.

Other websites developed by Fran Heffelfinger/Star Data Solutions include: (assembled by SDS)

Hosted and/or Maintained by Star Data Solutions

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